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PayForAResearchPaper.Com – His first task will be too taking care of Polish agriculture, for Polish farmers, those who have small and medium-sized farms, not just the greatest “- said Morawiecki.

Gdansk after these 20 years is a completely different city. Often we move the agenda on many events, we get used, we treat them as everyday life. maybe this time it is worth to stop and remember what happened this time. it is also a way to thank him for his work and what he did for the people of Gdansk “- rated Szczurek. He added that in Gdynia mourning was announced yesterday and will last three days. “I do not exclude that in the case of fixing the date of the funeral will be considered its elongation” – said the president of Gdynia. On Sunday evening, Pawel Adamowicz, was stabbed in Gdansk by a 27-year-old Stephen W., who during the final of GOCC invaded the stage. Mayor of Gdansk went to the University Clinical Center in Gdansk, where he died Monday afternoon.

Pawel Adamowicz was 53 years old, president of Gdansk was 20 years. (PAP) by Tomasz Wieclawski Blazej Spychalski president’s spokesman on Thursday on Radio Plus said that “the president above all want to know exactly what the factual situation when it comes to hunting wild boars.” “On the one hand we have the information media, that 90 per cent. Of the population of wild boars wants to eliminate in Poland, on the other hand, information that has come from the vicinity of one and the other ministries, that this is absolutely untrue,” – he said. “This is about the official information directly from the constitutional government ministers of Poland (…) Indeed, it would be surprising if it turned out that the decision is that we shoot off 90 per cent. Of the total population of wild boars in Poland” – said Spychalski. He added that one should also remember about the problem of African swine fever (ASF). “If the government is fighting the disease ASF, the president would like to know whether the planned shooting of wild boars is only one element in the fight against the ASF, it is an essential element of the fight against ASF” – said Spychalski.zobacz also: Hunting Association: The hunters are shooting against pregnant sows »According to agriculture Minister Jan Krzysztof Ardanowskiego reduce the population of wild boars is necessary to control this deadly disease for pigs. The Minister of the environment and on Wednesday said that the killing will be created as a result of a buffer zone between the area where ASF occurs, and areas where the disease is not. He assured that the government has no plans to eliminate boar. “Population after killing been eviscerated, estimated at the end of March will amount to approx.

250 thousand. Boar. It will be the same as in previous years,” – assured Kowalczyk. Increased hunting of wild boar are to take place 12, 19 and 26 January. Plans for hunting wild boars raised in recent days, including numerous protests environmentalists. In their view, approval of the Ministry for the Environment hunting may be to eliminate this kind of Polish nature and the mass killing of wild boar will affect the number of other species and, paradoxically, can contribute to the spread of ASF.zobacz also Kukiz: Shooting pregnant sows – “bandytka”.

It’s like it used to Bandera and UPA did with the Poles »in Poland since mid-February 2014 were detected 3317 cases of ASF in feral pigs and 213 disease outbreaks in pigs. From the end of September last year not detected no new outbreaks in pigs. Prime Minister, who during Sunday visit in the province. Swietokrzyskie met with the residents of Busko-Zdroj, noted that this will be achieved, among others, through investment and construction of roads. He pointed out that for the first time from the state budget for the construction of county and municipal roads in the province. Swietokrzyskie, have been accepted all the proposals submitted. “It means that we provided from the state budget funds so that more could not convert” – he said.

He said that the roads are an important part of the development of individual regions, including the region of south-Swietokrzyskie, because with them come tourists, developing tourism. He reminded that the great social programs introduced by Law and Justice, such as 500 Plus, changed the lives of families. “And from July we have 500 plus also for the first child” – pointed out, adding that the cost is approx. 40 billion zl. Prime Minister also said that a few years ago, as a result of negligence, Poland lost a day approx. 100 million zl “by mafia-ish VAT and taxes not paid.” He stressed that it is the equivalent of the annual budget of the city Busko-Zdroj. “It highlights the, pathologies that were in the days of our predecessors,” – he added. The head of government recalled that in our country is the lowest unemployment rate in 30 years, at a lower rate than economic growth. “This is a historic year, a historic moment, a historic success” – said the prime minister. But – marked the Morawiecki – to achieve such success, you need to be successful. “The team ensures the effectiveness of the PiS, which showed in practice” – ocenil.zobacz also Morawiecki: ZUS relief plan for micro and small businesses up to 1 billion zl »Contributions to social insurance will be deducted from income, not income.

Morawiecki promises to change “” They say that in the EU little to hope for. And I want to tell you that we have achieved personally the greatest success, because we (the EC), the Commissioner responsible for agriculture, is one of the most important commissioners in the EU. His first task will be too taking care of Polish agriculture, for Polish farmers, those who have small and medium-sized farms, not just the greatest “- said Morawiecki. In his opinion, “agriculture had great success, but all the time subsidies for Polish farmers are lower than for French farmers, Dutch and German.” “We will seek to compensate for these payments,” – said the prime minister. He also assured that the PiS wants to give the Poles “as much peace.” “Poles are due to higher wages. Hence our proposal the minimum wage, that she was on the level – from next year, 2.6 thousand.

Zl from the next year 3 thousand. Zl, and after a few years, the end of 2023. And the beginning of 2024 . – 4 thousand. zl. This is our economic policy “- said Morawiecki. “We have made this year a triple for pensioners” – recalled the head of government, and explained that it is a valorization quota thirteenth retirement and reduction of personal income tax for pensioners. “Since October PIT will be lower for pensioners by 6 per cent. 1 percentage point this is another few hundred dollars in your wallet retirees” – said the Prime Minister. He stressed that in this way the government “really shows how you can work for the good of society, through the fight against international corporations.” Referring to the legend of the dragon, marauding in Busko-Zdroj, he pointed out that “we also had such a dragon VAT owski – the beast that devoured entire portion of state revenues.” As pointed out, “we had a government that took up solidly for state finances, because everything you did to make the public so far, mainly due to the fact that this VAT owska mafia, criminals, tax effectively defeated.” He added that some people say that the VAT gap has been reduced “to record levels in Europe – but it is still there and need to continue this fight.” The opposition’s motion to reject the draft budget bill amendment was supported by 192 deputies, 230 deputies were against, nobody abstained.

In the case of the so-called. Act okolobudzetowej proposal to reject supported 195 MPs, against was 231. Both projects will go therefore to public finance committee. Deputy Finance Minister Teresa Czerwinska said on Thursday during the first reading of the amendment to the budget for 2017 years (and its associated amendment to the so-called. Okolobudzetowej Act) is not the result, as it used to in the past, with “significant shortfalls in the state budget.” “This amendment does not involve a revision of the revenue side of the state budget, the basic size remain unchanged,” – said Czerwinska. Thus, the income left at approx. 325.4 billion zl, expenses – approx.

384.7 billion zl, the deficit – approx. 59.3 billion zl. She added that only “changes to the structure of expenditures of the state budget.” It is possible, she said, thanks to budget savings, including smaller grants from the state budget for the Social Insurance Fund, resulting in a very good situation on the labor market, which contributed to revenue growth of social security contributions. The second reason is the effect of a lower savings implementation of the budget of the European Union in 2016. And the associated reduction in the contributions of all Member States (including Polish) due for 2017 years.

In total, as a result of savings limit spending increases by 9.4 billion zl. The money saved should be used primarily among for the payment of compensation for lost coal allowances for pensioners-miners. Later this year, the money will receive approx. 235 thousand. people. Is no directions approx. 2.3 billion zl, while the mining industry has generally obtain 3.2 billion zl (approximately 1 billion zl is expected restructuring mines).

With the additional funds is also to be financed compensate for the National Council for Radio and Television subscription revenues loss due to exemptions from subscription fees for the years 2010-2017 and pay increased contributions to international organizations. For this last objective is to hit the amount of 980 million zl. Such amount is to be transferred, said Czerwinska, to “public radio and television for the implementation of a public service remit”. In total, the Ministry of Culture is expected to hit 1.2 billion zl. The draft amendment also provides for the creation of a new special reserve in the amount of 316.9 million zl service to pay for a research paper including program “Family 500 plus.” Created to be as specific provision for the purchase of equipment for dental health prevention in public schools (primary and secondary), providing students improve the quality and accessibility of health care services (provided by the school nurse or hygienist). It will be approx. 88 million zl.

In addition, according to the draft, Minister for Development will allocate additional funds for the purchase and acquisition of shares in the increased share capital of the Polish Agency for Investment and Trade and the Polish Development Fund for the implementation of tasks listed in the Strategy for Responsible Development (a total of 1.9 billion zl). It is also to be recapitalised Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (1.5 billion zl). (PAP) by Peter Smilowicz editor Jacek Ensztein We brought a bag of gifts for all small and medium-sized enterprises – said Wednesday at a press conference Minister for Enterprise and Technology Jadwiga Emilewicz. Calculated that the SME package, which will come into force from January 1, 2019 years make it in the pockets of entrepreneurs over 10 years will remain approx. 4 billion zl. The package allows, among others, inclusion in the cost of salaries of the company’s spouse, one-time settlement of tax loss of 5 million zl whether an exemption of the requirement of periodic safety training. This proposal concerns the so-called. least accident sectors; eg. the administration.

We finish with fiction safety training, “- said the minister, noting that it is also associated with cost savings for businesses. In turn, from 1 January 2020, on the strength Package SMEs will broaden the category of a small taxpayer (this will apply to companies that have sales to 21 million per year). these entrepreneurs will have the right to facilitating depreciation rarer obligation to pay advances on PIT and CIT and lower taxation. this solution will cover approx. 25 thousand. entrepreneurs. Since the New year comes a so-called. Small ZUS. they may have it use natural persons conducting business activity whose annual income does not exceed 30 times the minimum wage (in 2018 it is 63 thousand. zl). Resort has calculated that, thanks to the little company ZUS save ok.5,4 billion zl for 10 years . from the Ministry’s estimates show that the new solution may take approx. 200 smallest entrepreneurs.

Zaplana Ca instead they 1,232.16 zl social security contributions only 620 zl. Emilewicz announced a “great relief” for innovators. “Those who have an innovative product or service from January 1, will pay 5 percent. CIT – she said. She added that this is one of the lowest tax rates in the EU. The draft provisions assume moreover standardize forms of tax in the case of local taxes (property tax or forestry) and enabling submitting them electronically.

Another proposal contained in the project are shortened to 5 years period of compulsory storage of the approved financial statements. Currently, this obligation is indefinite. and also deregulated certain disclosure requirements for entrepreneurs, such as dot. the period of suspension the conduct of business revenue and expense ledger accounting for income taxes. foreseen the changes in the functioning of a limited liability company can be eg. taking all resolutions by the shareholders at a distance, by circulation. introduced in May ± also be generally return by the shareholders taken advances on dividend, if the company reaches a loss or profit does not reach a predetermined height. Other solutions include selected. Shortening of the entitlement of the creditor who has not received due to use of bad debt relief in VAT from 150 to 90 days or the possibility of a telephone call or e-mail by ZUS insured employer or the control of temporary inability to work. (PAP) by Ewa Wesolowska Waszczykowski Irene died around 23.30 hours in Warsaw, at the Military Medical Institute Street Szaserow. For a long time he struggled with the disease, but it felt good.

Recently, after all, was the Olympic Picnic – Szewinska said. During the event on June 9 in an interview with PAP Szewinska he stressed that “the most important in all of this are the children. If you relish any competition, discipline and physical activity, we can be confident and enjoy the fall for a beautiful way. Sport is a fantastic invention.” as mentioned, her career began with the case of …. “I ran for school quiz so quickly that the teacher asked for a replay, because she thought that it made a mistake when measuring time. Athletics began to grow in autumn 1960, with 14 years, a group of students of the Primary School No.

37 in Warsaw, whose coach was a former javelin , Olympic finalist from Melbourne (1956) John Hoof “.See also: Orders of the White Eagle for Irena Szewinska, Bronislaw Wildstein, Michal Kleiber» Prime Minister of the death of Irena Morawiecki Szewinska: She was an inspiration for generations of Polish athletes and a hero to us “She added that junior Hradec Kralove match was her first foreign trip. She was 16 years, and two years later, in 1964, won the 4×100 meters relay gold medal in Tokio.Od that year in the capital of Japan was repeatedly acted in the IOC committee supervising the preparation of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

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